About us

Welcome to Eclipse Glasses Now!

Welcome to our website and thanks for stopping by!

Eclipse Glasses Now is a female-run business led by 3 friends who have known each other for years. The excitement of The Total Eclipse across the US in 2017, totally gave us the excitement to get more involved this time around!

In 2017, along with many others in the US, we struggled to get hold of SAFE eclipse glasses. After researching how easy it is to get hold of fakes or unsafe glasses, we saw that people would need to be educated in order to enjoy watching an eclipse safely. After all, we are talking about protecting one of our most precious assets. Our eyes.

Unfortunately for you and I, there are still lots of fake glasses on the market so our goal for this eclipse is to make safe solar eclipse glasses accessible to everyone across the US at reasonable prices.

We have gone to great lengths to make sure that our US based supplier has all the correct ISO certification in place and is FDA approved. We only sell the best quality eclipse glasses at the cheapest possible prices.

We are leading the charge to make sure that in 2024, safe solar eclipse glasses will be accessible for everyone!